Stock Information

Stock Information

Symbol: KDR

Markets: London Stock Exchange
AIM Market (AIM) 


Significant shareholdings (>3%)

Professor Conroy: 3,550,755 (15.19%)
Conroy P.l.c.: 1,232,601 (5.27%)
Mr Richard Taberner: 1,170,000 (5.00%)
Mr Steven Coomber: 936,066 (4.00%)
Mr Alan Osborne: 935,786 (4.00%)


Shares (Issued and Outstanding): 23,378,067, of which none are held in treasurery. 

8,791,110 (37.60%) not in public hands

Made up as follows:

Directors’ holdings                  4,516,657

Conroy Plc                                     1,232,601

Mr Richard Taberner                1,170,000

Mr Steven Coomber                    936,066

Mr Alan Osborne                           935,786


Total                                                 8,791,110


This information was last updated on 09 February 2018


Restriction on Transfer of Securities: None

Country of share register: IE

Segment: AIMI

ISD status: Non ISD Regulated Market


ISIN number: IE00B01ZSK94

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