Professor Richard Conroy

Chairman of the Board

Professor Richard Conroy has been involved in natural resources for many years. He established Trans-International Oil, which was primarily involved in Irish offshore oil exploration. Trans-International Oil initiated the Deminex Consortium which included Deminex, Mobil, Amoco and DSM. Trans-International Oil was merged with Aran Energy plc in 1979, which was later acquired by Statoil.

Professor Conroy founded Conroy Petroleum and Natural Resources P.l.c. (“Conroy Petroleum”). Conroy Petroleum was involved in both onshore and offshore oil production and exploration and also in mineral exploration. Conroy Petroleum, in 1986, made the very significant discovery of the Galmoy zinc deposits in County Kilkenny later developed as a major zinc mine. The discovery at Galmoy led to the revival of the Irish base metal industry and to Ireland becoming an international zinc province. Ireland now ranks 10th in the world in the production of zinc.

Conroy Petroleum was also a founding member of the Stoneboy consortium, which included Sumitomo, an exploration group which discovered the world class Pogo gold deposit in Alaska, now in production as a major gold mine.

Conroy Petroleum acquired Atlantic Resources plc in 1992 and subsequently changed its name to ARCON International Resources plc (“ARCON”). The oil and gas interests in ARCON were transferred to form Providence Resources plc. ARCON was later acquired by Lundin Mining Corporation.

Professor Conroy was Chairman and Chief Executive of Conroy Petroleum / ARCON from 1980 to 1994. He founded Conroy Gold and Natural Resources plc in 1995.

Professor Conroy served in the Irish Parliament as a Member of the Senate. He was at various times front bench spokesman for the Government party in the Upper House on Energy, Industry and Commerce, Foreign Affairs and Northern Ireland.

Professor Richard Conroy is an Emeritus Professor of Physiology in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Professor Conroy’s research included pioneering work on jet lag, shift working and decision taking in business after intercontinental flights. He co-authored the first text book on circadian rhythms.

Maureen T.A. Jones

Managing Director

Maureen Maureen Jones has over twenty years’ experience at senior level in the natural resource sector. She is Managing Director of Karelian Diamond Resources and was a founding director of the Company. Also a director of Conroy Gold and Natural Resources, she joined Conroy Petroleum and Natural Resources P.l.c. on its foundation in 1980 and was a director and member of the board of Conroy Petroleum / ARCON from 1986 to 1994. Miss Jones has a medical background and specialised in the radiographic aspects of nuclear medicine before becoming a manager of International Medical Corporation in 1977. Miss Jones is also Company secretary. 


Séamus P. FitzPatrick

Non-executive Director

Séamus FitzPatrick has worked in both corporate finance and private equity in London and New York with Morgan Stanley, J. P. Morgan and Bankers’ Trust. In 1999 he co-founded CapVest, of which he is Managing Partner (which has raised funds in excess of £2.0 billion). He is Chairman of the Mater Private Hospital and of Valeo Foods and is a board member of Reno Norden. 

Louis J. Maguire

Non-executive Director

Louis Maguire is an auctioneer by profession and a land valuation expert with particular expertise in the purchase of mineral rights and in land acquisition for mining. He is a founding director of Karelian Diamond Resources plc. 

Dr. Sorċa Conroy

Non-executive Director

Dr. Sorċa Conroy was recruited to ING Bank in 2006 and whilst there was ranked second in the Extel Survey for Biotechnology Specialist Sales. She had previously been specialist sales for life sciences and institutional equities at Canaccord Adams (2005-2006; where she ranked fourth in the 2006 Extel survey) and Hoodless Brennan (2004-2005). A medical graduate of The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, she held a number of clinical positions in between her graduation in 1995 and joining Hoodless Brennan. 

Brendan McMorrow

Non-executive Director

Brendan McMorrow has over 25 years’ experience in a number of public companies in the oil and gas and base metals mining sectors listed in London, Toronto and Dublin where he held senior executive finance roles. Most recently he was Chief Financial Officer of Circle Oil plc from 2005 to 2015, an AIM oil and gas development and production company with operations in North Africa and the Middle East where he was responsible for all corporate financial and funding matters. Prior to joining Circle Oil Plc Brendan was Chief Financial Officer / Group Finance Manager of Ivernia Inc from 2001 to 2005, a Toronto listed (TSX) base metals mining company which developed and brought into production the Paroo Station lead mine in Western Australia one of the largest lead carbonate mines in the world at the time. From 1988 to 2001 he was Group Finance Manager of Ivernia West plc, a Dublin listed (ESM) base metals mining company which discovered and brought into production along with Anglo American Plc the world class Lisheen zinc mine in Ireland. Brendan is a business graduate of Sligo Institute of Technology and a Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants. 


Executive Committee

Professor Richard Conroy, Maureen Jones and Louis Maguire

Remuneration Committee

Séamus FitzPatrick and Louis Maguire


Audit Committee

Séamus FitzPatrick and Louis Maguire


The company is not subject to the City Code on Takeovers and Merges but is however subject to the relevant takeover rules of The Irish Takover Panel, which is the competent authority in Ireland implementing the Directive on Takeover Bids(2004/25/EC).