Stock Information

Stock Information

Symbol: KDR

Markets: London Stock Exchange
Alternative Investments Market (AIM) 

Irish Stock Exchange
Enterprise Securities Market (ESM) 


Significant shareholdings (>3%)

Professor Conroy: 88,768,908 (15.19%)
Conroy P.l.c.: 30,815,030 (5.27%)
Mr Alan Osborne: 20,813,224 (3.56%)

Mr Steven Coomber 17,639,111(3.02%)


Shares (Issued and Outstanding): 584,451,698 (28 April 2017)

182,183,891 (31.17%) not in public hands

Made up as follows:

Directors’ holdings                 112,916,527

Conroy Plc                              30,815,030

Mr Alan Osborne                    20,813,224

Mr Steven Coomber                17,639,111

Total                                       182,183,891

Restriction on Transfer of Securities: None

Country of share register: IE

Segment: AIMI

ISD status: Non ISD Regulated Market


ISIN number: IE00B01ZSK94

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